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Simpsons Timber Decking

Nothing enhances a garden more than timber decking this natural wood product is not only beautiful but hard wearing. It creates a space for relaxing and enjoying your garden.

Timber decking is produced from a quality timber which is then pressure treated, there is also a range of accessories available including newel posts, spindles and hand rails.

Quality, Versatile, Strong And Practical, Decking Looks Stylish In Any Situation.

From Pond Surrounds To Raised Decks, This Product Really Is The Most Dramatic Addition To Any Area, And For That Bit Of Extra Creativity Decking Can Be Laid Diagonally. For More Garden Ideas Why Don’t You Visit Our Display Area.

Our Decking Combined With Our Decking Fittings And Accessories Will Create The Perfect Relaxation Zone In Your Garden.

Our Softwood Decking Is Available In size: 125mm x 32mm

A full design and fitting service is available.

What is Wolmanit CX?

Wolmanit CX is a range of liquid wood preservatives based on copper and organic biocides. They have been used for more than twenty years across continental Europe and the UK. Wolmanit CX products are based on copper-hydroxide carbonate and Wolman’s patented active ingredient copper-HDO. The products have proven efficacy in the use classes 1-4 and have proven track record in various climatic conditions. They are applied using a vacuum and high pressure impregnation process.

What length of service life can be expected?

Those timbers exposed to weathering but installed above ground contact will achieve service lives of between 15-30 years. Timbers serving in-ground contact such as fence posts can achieve a service life of around 20 years.

What is the appearance of Wolmanit CX treated timber?

Wolmanit CX treated timber has a green background colouration. This is mainly as a result of the copper compounds in the wood. The colour is a result of permanent chemical reactions in the wood fibres. The colour will typically last for six months to one year after treatment. The intensity of the colour depends upon a number of factors including the initial application rates and the finish of the timber.

Over time the timber will fade to a brownish colour and eventually will become silver, like all other weathered timber products. This does not effect the performance of the preservative. Wolmanit CX treated timber is also available with a brown colour. As with the natural green colouration of the treated timber, the brown colour will fade after a period of time. The rate of fading will depend on the end us application and environmental conditions. Colouration of timber can be maintained using Wolwax Refresh. This product imparts both fresh colouration and water resistance to timber used outdoors such as for decking and cladding applications.

Can I paint and stain this timber?

Yes Wolmanit CX treated timber can be painted using most standard wood coating systems. It is important that the timber should be dried sufficiently following treatment. In general that means that the timber should be less than 20% moisture content, at the time of painting. Both water-based and oil-based systems are compatible but advice should be sought from the coatings supplier before application.

simpsons timber grimsby north east lincolnshire
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